After the Cremation

After the Cremation

There are a number of tasks that need to be attended to after the cremation. 

Financial Details        

Institutions such as banks and building societies or other organisations where the deceased may have held accounts will need to be advised of changed circumstances.

If there are financial arrangements in place, such as a mortgage, the relevant institution will need to be contacted to adjust any agreements or contracts.

Government Departments

If the deceased was receiving a pension or entitlement from organisations such as Centrelink or Veteran Affairs they will also need to be notified about the changed circumstances.  Dignified Cremations will send a notification on your behalf to the appropriate department if required.


Dignified Cremations will deliver the ashes to your nominated address approximately 2 weeks after the cremation.  There is no legal requirement for you to do anything with the ashes.

There is a common misconception that you must inter ashes in the grounds or walls of a crematorium.  This is not so, families may like to create their own memorial such as a special garden or pond at home or they may even wish to scatter them in a park,  in the sea or at some other location of special significance.  Alternatively, some families have the ashes placed in an urn to be kept in a special place close to them at home.

Death Certificate

if you have not arranged for Dignified Cremations to apply for a Certified Copy of the Death Certificate on your behalf and you find you need a copy for estate purposes,  then you will have to apply to Births, Deaths and Marriages for a copy. The application form can be found on the BDM website link below.