Our Service Guarantee to You

Our Service Guarantee to You


Low cost does not mean less respect.  Our five point service guarantee is our way of acknowledging the dignity and respect to which we believe your loved one is entitled.  We hope that in some way this helps to provide comfort and give you peace of mind.

  • Our philosophy of providing personal care extends from the moment we take your loved one into our care.  We guarantee to continue that personal care at all times until our service to you is completed.
  • When we are called upon to transfer your loved one from the place of death into our care,  we guarantee this task will be carried out by our own professional staff.  We do not engage third parties or contractors.

  • We have our own mortuary facilities and we guarantee the careful preparation of your loved one will be carried out by our own experienced staff.  We do not use third party contract mortuaries or their staff
  • Because you have chosen not to have a funeral service doesn’t mean your loved one’s final journey to the crematorium should be any less dignified.  Just as would happen for a traditional funeral service, we guarantee to provide a ceremonial hearse for your loved one’s final journey to the crematorium.  We do not use panel vans, mortuary transfer vehicles or engage third parties for this important aspect of our service. Some crematoria provide collection services to funeral directors for this part of the process.  We do not use such services.
  • We guarantee our staff will transfer your loved one to the crematorium within five working days of our receiving all necessary completed documentation and you have paid the total cost of your Dignified Cremation into our bank account.

When comparing service providers,  you may like to take into consideration our five point service guarantee of personal and professional care.

Unless otherwise directed,  the cremation will take place at a crematorium of our choosing and at a time that is convenient to us.  However, should you choose to nominate another crematorium there will be an additional fee applicable.  A Dignified Cremation does not provide for attendance of family or mourners at the crematorium.