Preplan a Cremation

Preplan a Cremation

Why Preplan a Cremation

Preplanning allows you a simple and easy way to select your funeral director and preplan a cremation before death occurs.  It takes a lot of strain out of locating the answers to the questions at a time that you’re unlikely to be able to concentrate properly.  Your desire to make things easier for your family is complemented by the knowledge and the experience that Dignified Cremations can bring to your pre-planning.  By organising your affairs in this way you can be well satisfied knowing you have protected your family from a sometimes unexpected expense at a most difficult time.

It is also important for your family to benefit from knowing they have carried out your wishes.  Taking the time to record your wishes, will lighten the burden on your family and facilitate their desire to have things just the way you would have wanted them.

Please remember:

You can preplan your cremation here on the Dignified Cremations  website.  Just click on the “Prearrange a Cremation” button and follow the prompts and all details will be entered into our system and stored safely until needed.

You can prearrange a: Cremation Only Brisbane, Cremation Only Sunshine Coast, Cremation Only Gold Coast and a Cremation Only Toowoomba.
If you would like to nominate us as your preferred funeral director, you can complete our on-line Funeral Pre-Arrangement form. All details will be entered into our system and stored safely until needed.

It is also a good idea to advise your family and the nursing home that Dignified Cremations is your preferred funeral director.